8DAYS - Peace is our Bussiness is a crazy dual stick shooter in which you play as an expendable mercenary for G.O.D. Inc.("Gold, Oil and Diamonds - GOOD Nasdaq).

G.O.D has become the world leader in the Private Military Company (PMC) sector and its main business is to bring peace to those conflict areas where its clients have strategic interests.

The world has been dominated by dark forces since the beginning of human history. Known as The Masters of Mankind by those directly under their control, these forces will use any means necessary to protect their own interests including starting wars.

In 8DAYS the mercenary company G.O.D. Inc. and the 8DAYS Magazine are two modern instruments used to control the masses. G.O.D. is primarily a peacekeeping force and 8DAYS ensures the bias of public opinion. In 8DAYS players take on the role of Lola "Wasp" and Mike "Ghost", two of G.O.D.’s expendable mercenaries.

Your first mission as a mercenary is to move to the East and break the world rice embargo which is prohibiting the Western upper classes from enjoying their daily sushi. You shall persuade the local military dictator to conclude this illegal embargo.

Along the missions as G.O.D. expendables mercenaries you will have to face those conflicts and put them to an end ... will you?


  • Dual-stick shooter
  • High replay value: each chapter has hidden secrets. Level design allows players to solve levels in different ways every time they play.
  • Single-Player and in local Cooperative Mode for 2 players
  • It features solid 2D arcade mechanics improved with 3D input controls (keyboard and mouse combination, dual stick gamepad).


8DAYS Game Cover

8DAYS_Mike_cave 8DAYS_Lola_island
8DAYS_Lola_village 8DAYS_Mike_river
8DAYS_Lola_village 8DAYS_Mike_river
8DAYS_Lola_village 8DAYS_Mike_river

The Music


8DAYS Original Soundtrack created by Red Forge

8DAYS Original Sound Track featuring 28 tracks is available for just $5.99 on

and includes the 8DAYS Official Theme "Wildlands"

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