Santa Clara Games

dic 15, 2015

8DAYS new version 1.1.0 available

Since Dec 14th, 2015 a new version of 8DAYS is available at Humble. All of you who has bought 8DAYS before can update your version for FREE, just login at Humble and download the new version.

Please remember to make a backup of your previous game saved files before you upgrade to the new version. Windows users can find them at C:\Users\\<Username>\AppData\Local\8DAYS and Mac users at /Users/\<Username>/Library/Application\ Support/com.santaclaragames.8days/.

What's new

  • John ‘BigBoy’ combat added.
  • Player doesn’t get sticked to the walls when moving diagonally.
  • Gamepad support for Mac added (official XBox 360 and PS3 only).
  • 3D Sound added.
  • Mission 2 “Nucelar Incident” brief added.
  • Arrow keys support for GUIs.
  • Memory issues fixed.
  • Minor annoying bugs fixed.
  • English and Spanish localization version.
  • Solid objects can be destroyed.
  • Buta-Don miniboss rebalanced.
  • Camera improvements.
  • ChinoKudeiro (the one armed with a machete) runs faster.