Santa Clara Games

mar 19, 2014

GGJDonostia Party 2014

On March 14 Santa Clara Games co-hosted the award ceremony of the Global Game Jam 2014 in Donostia with Pintxo Developer. Our games were nominated in two categories: Best Adventure Game for Alone in the Forest and Best Puzzle Game for Simple Portal.

We were very happy to win both nominations! :)


Pintxos + beer + videogames = great success!!

The party was a huge success. In addition to the teams that participated on the Global Game Jam, many people came and crowded the place. Between the assistants, we had professionals from studios in the area, indie developers, amateurs, students, players and people who came when they saw the party going on and encouraged to come and witness the show.


@gravstar and @ipuntom during the HassleHeart Trailer World Premiere

We took the oportunity to make a World Premiere and revealHassleHeart's trailer (it will be soon available for everybody, a bit of patience) and showed an alpha version of the game. People had the opportunity to play and shared with us their feelings. Firsts impressions of those gameplays were very positive and gave us even more energy to have our beta release ready before summer.


One of our firsts players <3


We already are looking forward for the #GGJ15 

We really had a good time and enjoyed a lot the mix between pros, amateurs, students and family talking about videogames. Soon we will have more announcements about Santa Clara Games, Pintxo Developer and HassleHeart. More events have to come :)

Stay tuned!