Santa Clara Games

dic 16, 2013

Santa Clara Games at PintxoDeveloper

Last November 16th, we were invited to present the alpha version of our video game "HassleHeart" at a PintxoDeveloper event. As you know, "HassleHeart" is our HTML5 video game premiere, which will be available for pre-order before summer of 2014.

In case you haven't heard, PintxoDeveloper is a group of enthusiasts, both gamers and developers, who meet up each month to talk about games here in Donostia, the heart of the Basque Country.

During our meetings, we discuss game development, our favorite indie games and our crazy ideas for new games we'd like to make. It's quite similar to Juegos Rancheros in Austin in Texas, but with a touch of Basque spice.

It was an amazing opportunity to showcase our video game in progress. After our keynote, we spent over 2 hours discussing how we bootstrap our Santa Clara Games studio, the challenges we are facing in our developments, and how others could go about starting to make their own games.

After the keynote, some of us went out to dinner and took time to discuss how to help and encourage other developers to create their own indie games.

Our next meeting will be on December 20th at the Donostia's Old Firehouse. If you have fun playing or developing video games, you should definitely come to our next PintxoDeveloper meeting!

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