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dic 09, 2013

Hassleheart theme song: Love Hearts

Em             C        Em

Love hearts. Long life. Don’t ask me why.

I will die, like you, unless I do

G                               B7

Some awfully nasty things: presents I will bring,

Em      Am7          D7

When you stop to feed, I’ll oil my machine.

G            F     C     G

Love hearts. Ooooo, love hearts.

I’m made, like you, except it’s true

I’ve got a battery that won’t last me.

I’ll never burp or fart.

I’m made of metal parts.

But all of that could change, if I had a heart.

Love hearts. Ooooo, love hearts.

Em                        B7   Em

Some folks feed on hamburgers,

B7   Em             B7   Em

on cigarettes, on crystal meth.


Most can’t help themselves, I guess


So they keep helping me.

There’s not much you can do.

Accept that this is true:

If you’ve got a heart,

I’ll steal it from you.

Love hearts. Ooooo, love hearts.

I’m bad, I know, but even so,

I’ll die, like man, unless I can

Keep killing every day, be it who it may,

You’ll be heartless soon,

When you take my bait.

Love hearts. Ooooo, love hearts.

It's a parody on the song "Love Hearts", by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, also performed by the Everly Brothers, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, Roy Orbison, Nazareth, Joan Jett, Cher, The Who, Keith Richards and Norah Jones, Rod Stewart, and of course, me.

  • Mike

Love Hearts: Lyrics and Chords (download)