Since Dec 14th, 2015 a new version of 8DAYS is available at Humble. All of you who has bought 8DAYS before can update your version for FREE, just login at Humble and download the new version.

Please remember to make a backup of your previous game saved files before you upgrade to the new version. Windows users can find them at C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\8DAYS and Mac users at /Users/<Username>/Library/Application\ Support/com.santaclaragames.8days/.


What’s new

  • John ‘BigBoy’ combat added.
  • Player doesn’t get sticked to the walls when moving diagonally.
  • Gamepad support for Mac added (official XBox 360 and PS3 only).
  • 3D Sound added.
  • Mission 2 “Nucelar Incident” brief added.
  • Arrow keys support for GUIs.
  • Memory issues fixed.
  • Minor annoying bugs fixed.
  • English and Spanish localization version.
  • Solid objects can be destroyed.
  • Buta-Don miniboss rebalanced.
  • Camera improvements.
  • ChinoKudeiro (the one armed with a machete) runs faster.

December 15, 2015 games

Wow, it was unbelievable! Last friday (Dec 11th) 8DAYS won the Best Gameplay Award in the Granada Gaming Festival!!!

Best Gameplay Granada Gaming 2015 award

Thank you all!!! We are very very happy to be awarded with this prize!

December 14, 2015 events, game design

As you know, it’s been a huge week for us. 8DAYS is finalist to the AzPlay International Festival of Independent Games Best Basque Videogame award! Updates for this week include: – Improved control. Now Mike and Lola’s control is smoother. – John ‘BigBoy’ combat is nearly finished… and it’s very fun to play!

- Linking with Mission 2. Coming soon…

  Don’t forget to play 8DAYS and stay tunned for more news next week. Enjoy your weekend!

Lola and Mike celebrating the nomination!

Lola and Mike celebrating the nomination!

We are very proud to announce that 8DAYS‬ has been nominated to the AzPlay International Festival of Independent Games.

This is our second game in a row that gets nominated as Best Basque Videogame Award. Last year HassleHeart‬ made it and won the award, we hope that 8DAYS gets the chance to make it too.

Thank you all for your support!


November 2, 2015 events, games

Hi everyone! We are back to share with you the 8DAYS updates for this week:

- Updated the save and charge system. – Destructible walls! You will find them in the battle against John ‘BigBoy’.



- John ‘BigBoy’ combat. The first tests and gameplay for this fight:


See you next week for upcoming updates. Stay tunned and happy Halloween!!

After months of frozen silence finally we have great news for you, since last October 1st our new game 8DAYS is available for purchase on Humble and it got greenlit in less than one week! :D

We will soon announce 8DAYS release date on Steam! So stay tuned!

October 30, 2015 games, Uncategorized

We are very proud today to announce our new video game 8DAYS TO BRING PEACE WORLDWIDE

8DAYS is a frenetic local versus action game in which you have the mission to bring peace to the world.

There is an evil power conspiring in the shadows against people’s freedom. Choose your hero from a variety of funny characters and travel through multiple locations around the world. You are bounded by duty to bring peace to the world and unmask the evil masterplan. As usual with more violence!

Stay tuned for more info, 8DAYS will start it’s early access campaign very soon!

March 2, 2015 business, game design, games


You have made it. Thanks for your support, HassleHeart has been greenlit and will be available on Steam very soon.

Stay tuned for more info about the release date!

February 13, 2015 business, games

Definition of happiness

Definition of happiness

Yes, HassleHeart won the BEST BASQUE VIDEOGAME AWARD at the fifth International Festival of Independent Games hóPLAY !!

author: Eva Zubero Zuluaga

@ipuntom and @gravstar trying to make a congrats speach… Photo by: Eva Zubero Zuluaga


The Festival started very well, as nominated, we had the oportunity to showcase HassleHeart and have a panel to talk about the game and our studio.

@gravstar during the panel. First HassleHeart sketches were unveiled ;)

@gravstar during the panel. First HassleHeart sketches were unveiled ;)




We had a great time talking with other studios, media and people who came to the hóPLAY Festival to try and play games (HassleHeart included!).


Networking area

Networking area


@gravstar trying the Fronton Occulus Rift version from our @PulsarConcept friends

@gravstar trying the Fronton Occulus Rift version from our @PulsarConcept friends


People playin (and enjoying!!) HassleHeart

People playin (and enjoying!!) HassleHeart


As hóPLAY finalist developer, Santa Clara Games had the chance to explain HassleHeart in the Big Indie Pitch to Steel Media journalists. What an intense and very funny experience!


We came to play so, get ready to pitch!

We came to play so, get ready to pitch!


We were so happy and so surprised words couldn’t get out of our mouths! It’s been a wonderful moment! It gives us so much energy and fuel to keep making games that we are looking forward to December 23rd to launch HassleHeart’s Final Version and start working in our next games! Yes, games in plural ;) Stay tunned for more news to come!


Alea jacta est

Alea jacta est


We want to thank you all, without your support this wouldn’t have come true, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <3 <3 <3


Photo by: Eva Zubero Zuluaga

All hóPLAY’14 winners. Photo by: Eva Zubero Zuluaga


Photo by: Eva Zubero Zuluaga

Photo by: Eva Zubero Zuluaga

December 1, 2014 events, games



We want to thank you all again for visiting us at our booth during Madrid Games Week. We have posted all your photos here so you can find yourself!


November 3, 2014 business, events, games